Businesses and public spaces are beginning to re-open after the novel coronavirus. The question remains, what can you do to protect yourself and others?

First and foremost, always:
1. Wear a face mask in public

2. Wash your hands often (helpful tip: sing your ABC’s while washing them to last for at least 20 seconds)

3. Use hand sanitizer if you don’t have access to a sink

4. Practice social distancing as much as you can

Here are more tips depending on the places you go to…


If the restaurant offers the option of eating outside, go for it. If not, choose tables close to open windows or further away from other people. To avoid packed restaurants, avoid “peak” times as well as buffets.


If travel is essential for you, take shorter flights and don’t take your mask off on the airplane. Limit travel to essential trips and if possible take less ride-shares. When walking through airports, bus stops, or train stations, maintain as much distance as you can from other passengers.


When you schedule your appointments, ask if there is a limit to the number of clients that are allowed inside. If there isn’t, look for a beauty salon that does. Ask them if they can open their windows for ventilation and consider washing your own hair before arriving to minimize your time there.


When meeting your family or friends outdoors, keep the groups small and consistent. If you keep your social group consistent, you will reduce your exposure to the virus because you will know who is healthy and symptom-free. It’s okay to skip the mask if you’re walking outside by yourself or with another person.

Wherever you decide to go, carry a mask in your pocket or purse. Take an extra one in your car just in case and remember to keep your distance.

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